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Growth of Money / Retirement Planning

Asset Allocator
College Savings Plan
Cost of Waiting to Invest
How Long Will My “Nest Egg” Last?
What It Takes To Save One Million Dollars
Deposits Needed to Accumulate a Future Sum
Future of a Single Sum (Compounded Annually)
Future Value of a Single Sum (Compounded Monthly)
IRA Calculator
Life Insurance Calculator
Lifetime Savings Calculator 
Maximum Withdrawal From Your Retirement “Nest Egg”
Portfolio Calculator
Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
Retirement Income Calculator
Roth IRA Savings Calculator 
Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator
Savings Calculator
Savings Goal
Savings, Taxes and Inflation
Simple Ways to Save
Social Security Benefits
Stock Option Calculator
Stock Option Grant Calculator (Annual)
Variable Annuity Calculator
What is the advantage of transferring to a Roth IRA? 

Debt / Credit

Accelerated Debt Payoff 
Credit Assessment 
Credit Card Payoff 
Credit Card Minimum Interest Payment
Credit Line
Debt Consolidation Calculator
How Much Do You Owe?
Loan Comparison Calculator
Loan & Credit Line Payments
Potential Savings by Removing Credit Card Debt
Payments Needed To Pay Off Loan
Personal Debt Consolidation
Rolldown your credit card debt 
Years It Will Take to Pay Off Loan

Estate Planning

Capital Gain Tax on Inherited Assets (2010)
Estate Settlement Costs
Estate Tax Planning
Federal Estate Tax


Amortizing Loan Calculator 
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator 
Mortgage APR Calculator 
Mortgage comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years
Mortgage Loan Calculator
Mortgage Payoff Calculator
Mortgage Points Calculator
Mortgage Qualifier
Refinance Interest Savings 
Rent vs. Buy Calculator


Auto Lease vs. Buy Calculator
Business Valuation
Cash Flow Calculator
Financial Ratios
Inventory Analysis 
Sales Volume Breakeven Analysis
Working Capital Needs


1040 Tax Estimator
Auto Loan Calculator 
Auto Loan vs Home Equity Loan
Auto Loan Early Payoff
Budget Analysis Calculator
Checkbook Balancer
Cost of Raising a Child
Inflation Calculator
Non-Monthly Payment Calculator 
Net Worth Calculator
Payroll Deduction Calculator
Profit & Loss Transaction Calculator